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People & Portrait Paintings

The British colonization in India was largely attributed to the development of self-documentation or the Art Of Portraiture and People Paintings. Considered as historical records in the ancient days, the people portrait paintings transformed to the interpretation of personality through the artist’s gaze. It is a window to more insightful perceptions. The portraits are made in various mediums from pen and ink to oil on canvas. Predominant expressions are beautifully captured through portrait paintings like that of Rajasthani man portrait painting, Horses Portrait painting, Beautiful Woman portrait painting, and so on.

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Traditional Village Man Portrait Painting (24*36 Inches)

24*36 (Inches)

Rs. 6,900.00

Prestigious Guru Gobind Singh Portrait Painting (24*35 Inches)

24*35 (Inches)

Rs. 7,300.00

Enlightened Lord Buddha Portrait Painting (36*24 Inches)

36*24 (Inches)

Rs. 7,100.00