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“When the cookies are so nice and you bake it twice, you get biscotti”. Whether it’s the short/soft cookies or lean/thin biscotti, both have been hailed as a go-to snack for decades. Biscotti comes from the Latin word biscotti, which means baked twice. The modern biscotti are associated with the Tuscan region of Italy. The first cookies were made in Persia and then spread to Europe through the Muslim conquest of Spain. Both enjoy customary strata in society from being a royal cuisine to street vendors.

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Delightful Combo Of Gems Cookies & Chocolate Tray

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The "Fantastic Four" Cookies Set

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Give Yourself The Treat Of A Biscotti Cookie!

While many must be familiar with the term cookies or biscuits, which are basically crisp cookies, they are a regular appearance in every household everywhere. Similar to this tea/coffee partners is Biscotti. Biscotti, the plural form of biscotti, are oven-baked goods that are baked twice so they contain very little amount of moisture in them. The reason they are preferred by many is that they can be stored for a long period before they go bad. In old times, these non-perishable edibles were particularly used during wars and journeys, in fact, twice-baked breaks later became the staple food of the Roman Legions! These cookies taste best when accompanied by a tasteful cup of tea, milk, or coffee. Try the one of a kind biscotti cookies by Tokenz and fall in love with them!

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How should I store the Biscotti cookies?

It is usually advised to store the Biscotti cookies in an airtight container, inside a cupboard or a drawer. 


How long do Biscotti last?

Normally, if the biscotti are stored properly as advised, they can stay fresh as new for 45 to 60 days! This is because of the twice-baked nature of the cookies.


Can I freeze the biscotti?

Biscotti can most definitely be frozen. They freeze beautifully and tend to thaw almost immediately for consumption.

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