Modern and Quirky

You know she is the woman to team up with when she forgets the 'In-Law' part of Sister-In-Law.

They say that there is no other love like the love from brother, there is no other love like the love for a brother. The perfect sibling bond is beyond blood relations. One can make it perfect by love, care, anger, laugh, sarcasm and so much more. All your life you have been fond of your brother's tricks and curse yourself for falling for them every-single-time. But you know what is even better? teaming up with your bhabhi to piss off your brother and playing pranks on him, bullying him into buying stuff from outside, convincing her to get you the last piece of chocolate, and whatnot. Our bhabhis have been our total sweetheart. They have been our gateway to some delicious food, some amazing shopping suggestions and not to forget... bhaiyya's wallet. Such an amazing bond, that she almost feels like an elder sister, that bhaiyya-bhabhi together feel like a second, younger version of parents, who are always there for you, protective and concerned about you. With so many memories already and many more to make, we celebrate this special bond by the name of a festival called Raksha-Bandhan. It is a festival where you are supposed to tie a knot around your bhaiyya and bhabhi to seal in love, care, and protection. 

Why you should choose a modern and quirky rakhi for a modern and quirky couple.

Relationship with bhaiyya and bhabhi is just like a relationship with our parents, but with a pinch of salt. They are protective, love to listen to us, and care for us and not to forget, they are modern and quirky. You can openly tell them about the very first beer pint you chugged in last night, the guy you are crushing on, or how you failed your college assignment without any fear of judgment. Since they have so many secrets down their heart, don't you think they deserve the best rakhi out there? Although there is so many quirky Rakhi for bhaiyya bhabhi online, you will find the best on Tokenz. With a wide selection of uniquely handcrafted rakhis, you are sure to find the one which matches your bhaiyya-bhabhi. Be it a floral pattern, elephant pattern, glittering design, or artistic, we have got you covered. Not only rakhis, but there are also varieties of stylish choodas for bhabhi! 

Why Tokenz, and nowhere else, your search for rakhis should end.

At Tokenz, you can not only search for the best modern and quirky rakhis but also send modern designer bhaiyya bhabhi rakhi online to India and abroad. Yes, we understand that such unique relationships are beyond borders and attached by the strings of the heart. We at Tokenz, make sure that your rakhi gets delivered to your loved one no matter where on earth they are. If you are the one who is at other corners of the earth, no worries, you can buy rakhi sets with gift hampers for bhaiyya bhabhi online by simply logging on our website! 

We understand that rakhi's relevance is beyond just a thread. It is a bond of love, perseverance, and commitment to protecting.

10 Products

Artistic Bhaiya-Bhabhi Rakhis

Rs. 725.00

Beautiful Floral Pattern Pearls Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi

Rs. 360.00

Glittering Modern Design Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhis

Rs. 460.00

Beautiful Kundan, Pearls & Beads Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi

Rs. 650.00

Stylish Floral Pattern Pearls Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi

Rs. 390.00

Striking Kundan Work Pearls Bangle Rakhi

Rs. 380.00

Striking Modern Art Work Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhis

Rs. 460.00

Modern Print Glittering Stone Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhis

Rs. 460.00

Red Floral Metal Work Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhis

Rs. 340.00

Elephant Pattern Pom-Pom Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhis

Rs. 550.00