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Winter care: 10 Skin and Hair Care Tips

by Neha Agarwal on December 01, 2020

It's time for the shift in weather from warm to cool temperature. Most people love winters as one wakes up to cool air streaming through the open windows. But every coin has two sides. As the weather brings in the cold air and less humidity, your skin and hair begin to dry out that often leads to dull skin and an itchy scalp. This triggers various problems like hair fall and dandruff. So, it becomes necessary to take care of your skin and hair during this season. 

Here are 10 winter skincare and haircare tips for glowing skin and healthy hair


  • Massage with oil:
  • You must massage your scalp with oil with herbal hair oils like bhringraj, coconut and olive oils that work wonders for your hair. These help to keep hair moisturized. Massaging the scalp improves blood circulation and stimulates hair growth. Always keep your hair covered with a cap or hat when you step out.


  • Avoid heating appliances:
  • Most people use hair styling appliances like hair straighteners and hair curlers regularly.  Using these heating appliances can make your hair brittle also leading to hair fall. Try to avoid blow dryers as it draws moisture out of your hair. Maintaining a proper and effective hair care routine can help your hair look naturally glamorous without using these appliances.

  • Condition in the right way:
  • During the winter season, it becomes important to provide moisture to your hair. Applying Khadi herbal conditioner after shampoo makes your hair smooth if you do it the proper way. Always apply conditioner to the end strands of your hair. Don't apply it on your scalp as it may make it oily. Conditioners containing natural oils like coconut, olive, and shea butter give better nourishment to your hair.

  • Protect static hair:

    It is most likely for your hair to get static during winters. Lack of moisture and friction caused by sweaters, scarves, hoodies, and hairbrushes often makes your hair frizzy and static. You can avoid this by using a vented hairbrush with boar and plastic bristles. You can also apply a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair smooth.  Never leave home with wet hair as it tends to damage your hair.

  • Use good products:
  • The quality of your hair also depends on the products you use. You should always use good herbal hair care products by researching the contents and making sure it suits your hair. Always take care to use herbal oils and it is advisable to use the same company's shampoo and conditioner.



  • Follow Regular Skincare Routine:
  • You should always follow the basic skincare routine every day during the winter season. You should clean your skin at least two times every day and use toner and moisturizer on the damp skin which helps in reducing the skin damage. Also apply sunscreen lotion if you plan on stepping out as direct sun rays have ultra-violet radiation that can cause various skin diseases.

  • Eat healthily:
  • Eating healthy foods is very important as your skin needs to stay healthy during the winter season. You must consume lots of vegetables and fruits. Always stay hydrated by drinking enough water. Your skin will glow and be healthy as your body will get nutrients when you eat good food.

  • Apply Face Masks:
  • Apply face masks at regular intervals to improve your skin health.  You can also make these masks at home using natural ingredients that protect your skin from the harmful chemicals available in-store products. Ingredients like rose water, honey, aloe vera, and coconut oil, helps to maintain normal skin during this season. These masks help prevent dryness and dullness and keep your skin glowing.

  • Exercise regularly:
  • Most of the people spend their winter inside the warmth of the blanket. But, it is important to get moving and do some exercise every morning if you want to take care of your skin. Exercise helps to pump up your heart rate that helps to pump more blood to your skin that keeps your skin glowing.

  • Use gentle skincare products:
  • It is advisable to use herbal skin products mild in nature and also keep moisturizing at the same time. You must use products with less fragrance as fragrant products are harsh due to high chemical content. Read through the contents before purchasing the product and check if it works for your skin type. You can consult a dermatologist or skin specialist to know your skin type and get their recommendations.

    These are some tips you can follow to have healthy hair and skin. By taking proper care measures, your skin and hair can thrive all year round. If your skin gets dry and itchy during the winter season, follow these simple tips to look good and have glowing skin and healthy hair all the time.


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