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Ways for husbands to make Karwa Chauth special for their beloved wives

by Neha Agarwal on September 23, 2020

Karwa Chauth celebrates the loving bond between spouses. For years wives have been keeping a day-long fast for the wellness and long life of their husbands. Keeping a Karwa Chauth fast requires a lot of dedication and patience. You can return for their sacrifice with a lot of love and care. Your little gestures can make her happy and she will feel loved. 

If you wish to make your wife feel special on this day, here are some ways to do so:

  • Keep a fast yourself

Sounds very filmy, but if your wife is romantic, she will love it. Knowing that she is getting accompaniment from you will make her feel good. Always remember, a wife always seeks the support of her husband in all she does. It is difficult but you can at least try. Even a half-day fast with her could make her feel loved.

  • Arrange for a surprise

You can beautifully decorate your bedroom with candles and flowers to surprise your wife. You can also arrange for a bouquet of her favourite flowers and gift her a beautiful saree. Add some fairy lights to your room decoration too. Some chocolates to eat after she breaks her fast could also bring a smile to her face.


  • Assemble goodies bag for her

A goodie bag full of her favourite snacks and cosmetics could brighten up her day. Get a big basket or tray from the market and fill it with things. Add some chocolates, sweets, chips etc. If you know what cosmetics she uses, you may include them too. It is never too much cosmetics for women who love to deck up. Some little fashion pieces of jewelry could be added too.


  • Get her a nice gift

your wife will surely appreciate Karwa Chauth gifts on this special occasion. If you know of something she has been planning to buy lately then gift it to her. You may also gift her something that makes her life easy. Search for some Karwa Chauth gifts online if you are confused. There are many gifting options available if you get on Tokenz. Just search for Karwa Chauth gifts for wife and you will have a wide range of things to gift.


  • Invite her best friend or family over

She will be very glad to have her close ones together on this day. If possible invite a few friends and relatives she loves to be around to your house. A little house party could cheer her mood up throughout the day.


  • Gift her vacation

it is a perfect day to gift tickets of a vacation to her dream destination. Plan your dates together and do not mention it until Karwa Chauth. After she has broken her fast, handover the tickets to her. You will surely see a gleam in her eyes.


  • Buy her gift vouchers

Know of her favourite brand or store? Simply get her some gift vouchers and let her enjoy her shopping spree. She would be delighted to buy her choice of gifts for Karwa Chauth. This is the best option for husbands who are scared to buy random gifts that their wife may not even use later.


  • Gift her spa session

Women love to be pampered and spa is one of the best ways to do so. A spa package might just be the right gift for her on this Karwa Chauth. You can opt for a full-body spa package. This includes most of the services like manicure, pedicure, body massage etc.


  • A book for a bookworm

If your wife is a bookworm, buy her a book of her favourite author. If you want to go a little over the top, then buy her an entire volume of the book she loves.


  • Cook for her

if you know somewhat cooking then there is no better way to surprise her. Cook her favourite dish and present it to her after she breaks her fast. If you are unsure of the recipe, always take help of the internet. It is always better to take precautions because you would not want to feed her badly cooked food after a long day of fast.

No matter what you do to make her feel special, always remember she will love your gesture. Cooperate with her on this special day by helping her with household chores. The biggest help would be doing things yourself. Make your cup of coffee by yourself or iron your clothes on your own. Do not put the wet towel on the bed on this day. Your wife may be a little cranky because of hunger so it is better you do not do things that make her angry! A little compassion and love can make her feel special.


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