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Unique ideas to celebrate Rakhi during COVID -19 pandemic

by Manan Sharma on August 08, 2020

 The festival of celebrating the purest form of relationship between brother and sister, Raksha Bandhan, is approaching with increasing cases of COVID-19. It doesn't seem like conditions are going to get back to normal but as we know that we humans are adaptive creatures. For rakhi 2020, it is necessary to adapt to the present conditions and accept the 'new normal' for our safety with full enthusiasm, joy and creativity. Home quarantine, social distancing and masks are the main aspects of this new normal conditions and it should be followed by everyone to be on the safer side.

Do not let the global pandemic COVID-19, prevent your rakhi celebration but rather let it be the reason to celebrate this beautiful festival in a completely new, creative and fun way.  Here are a few unique ideas to celebrate rakhi during COVID-19 pandemic, just scroll down to see it.


Video call Rakhi celebration

During this time of the global pandemic, it is not safe to visit your brother's place if he lives in a different city or state or country but this should not stop the celebration of rakhi. In this time, make the best use of technology and plan a virtual event with all your siblings using video chat apps like WhatsApp, Zoom, Facetime, Google Hangouts or Skype. Invite your other family members too and have a good time chatting with each other by recalling old memories and playing online games together or you can simply chat and show your gratitude towards each other. This can be a really good idea to celebrate this rakhi 2020 and have fun together without breaking the rules of social distancing.


Online gifts and Rakhi Hamper

As we all know that it is not safe to go outside and shop for rakhi and gifts so online gifts and rakhi can be a great idea to celebrate this Raksha Bandhan. The best thing about online shopping is that you can choose from a wide variety of rakhis and gift hampers at reasonable prices. You can also get your rakhi and gifts delivered anywhere in India as well as outside India in just a few clicks. So this rakhi 2020, just sit back and delight your brother by sending him beautiful rakhi and gifts from anywhere.


Send him homemade delicacies

Nothing can be as precious and beautiful as sweets and dishes made by a sister for her brother. So it is a good idea to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with some homemade sweets and delicacies, and make your brother feel special. If your brother lives far away from you then you can send sweets to your brother's place. This would not just make him feel special and happy but also this would ensure the safety of your brother because it is very risky to buy sweets from shops during this time of the global pandemic. So this rakhi, enjoy and have fun with your siblings by making sweets at home. This would be a truly different level of enjoyment and celebration which is much needed in this stressful time of COVID-19. You can find easy sweets and desserts recipes on YouTube and Google to make it at home. So Surprise your siblings with some sweets and desserts this Raksha Bandhan.


Revive the old memories

This rakhi revives your old memories with your brother. It is the best time to bring up the old photo album and recollect the memories and have fun. Best way to make your brother feel special as well as revive the old memories is to give him a personalized gift that has your childhood photo like a photo cushion with a childhood picture of you and your brother or something that is liked by him since childhood, it can be anything, it depends on your brother. Just make him relive his childhood memories through your gifts and arrangements and make your bond stronger with him.


Organize a party at home for family

Do not let the global pandemic ruin your rakhi celebration. Indeed, we can't go out to celebrate and have fun these days but this should not make your rakhi celebration boring and lame. On rakhi, throw a party in the evening for your siblings and family members to cherish them and make them feel special. Add a dash of enjoyment, snacks, dance, games and here you go! The best party at home with family and siblings is there. Make some tasty snacks like burgers, mini pizzas, cookies, cakes, fries, cutlets, pakoras etc and drinks like cold coffee, ice tea, smoothies, juices or mocktails and enjoy it with your whole family. Play board games like ludo, chess etc and revive the old memories. If you have little siblings in your house then you can also play hide and seek, I spy, board games, etc inside the home. With adults, you can play games like dumb charades, antakshari or throw a family dance party. This family party would make the day special and memorable one for each person of the family.


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