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The Significance of Placing Buddha at Home and The Right Place of Keeping Buddha Statue

by Neha Agarwal on January 30, 2021

Each person has a different taste when it comes to looking at their house whether they want it to be vibrant, plush or simple. However, one thing which remains the same is the desire to have a peaceful or prosperous environment in the house. If Vastu Shastra is to be believed, Buddha statues are considered to be the icons for bringing happiness, peace or positive vibes in the house but the correct positioning of them is important. Now the question which arises is where to keep the buddha statue and why? 

Image of Buddha has inspired art and scriptures from many centuries. Gradually, Buddha's role has been transcended from a religious icon to a symbol of inner peace. The image of Buddha is versatile and profane when talking about an appeal. However, only a few people know about the importance of different poses of buddha and where to place buddha at home for gaining the best results. Tokenz is here to guide you through it 


1. Blessing Buddha

This pose is described as buddha seated with one hand raised or reflecting a blessing gesture with his one hand raised having two meanings which are connected i.e protection or to protect from the negativity or danger  while the second one denotes overcoming your fear which restricts our life or to be in peace with yourself

Where to keep the blessing Buddha: To keep the disruptive elements away this statue should be kept at the main entrance of the house


2. Reclining Buddha

The reclining pose of Buddha is the one reflecting a sense of regret or sadness as it depicts the last moment of Buddha before achieving nirvana however this is not a symbol to induce gloom but to be a supporting factor for people who are seeking internal harmony.

Where to place reclining Buddha: The reclining Buddha should always face the west side to depict his imminent death and the Buddha should be reclining to the right.


3. Meditating Buddha

If you want to achieve inner peace, this statue is for you. In this pose Buddha can be seen seating with his legs folded, hands lying on the lap with eyes closed as he is in a deep meditative state

Where to place Meditating Buddha: Meditating statues should be kept in any quiet or peaceful corner of the house, where you can sit and meditate while taking the peaceful vibes from the statue, it can be complemented with incense sticks as well to create an environment of serenity. 


4. Bhumisparsha Buddha 

This pose of Buddha reflects enlightenment and is one of the most popular statues. When the demon Mara tried to scare or tempt him, Gautam Buddha had been meditating for years overcoming every temptation to achieve enlightenment or calling the earth to witness his enlightenment

Where to place Bhumisparsha Buddha: As this statue represents eternal knowledge, this should be kept facing East, where the sun rises. 


5. Praying pose of Buddha

This statue shows Buddha in a state of devotion with his hands folded, ideally, a light or candle is lit before a praying Buddha to help the energy of fire to run parallel with the positivity emitted out of the idol.

Where to place a praying Buddha: Looking down on a spiritual leader is considered disrespectful, so make sure you keep these idols above the eye level 


6. Outdoor Buddha

Any open space such as a balcony or garden can be a suitable location for  buddha statue emitting positive or peaceful vibes

Where to place: To reflect spiritual growth and rejuvenation, this statue should be kept close to a water body or a plant.


7. Buddha’s head

The bust of Buddha, though is not a pose and it does have any religious significance to it but is gaining popularity as an art form as the head of the Buddha symbolises self-knowledge.

Where to place Buddha’s head: There are no strict rules for placing it, however it should be kept away from places where energies like these can be challenging such as storerooms, laundry rooms or bathrooms


8. Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha is not the same as Gautam Buddha, it reflects a Chinese monk who was a patron saint for children just like Santa Claus, he also reflects a bag with gifts for children and is depicted with his five children. It reflects positivity and prosperity and prevents arguments and internal strife.

Placing a laughing Buddha on your study desk or office desk can help you in concentrating or getting your mind free from any distractions. 

While bringing a laughing statue to make sure Buddha has a bag on his shoulder as it denotes good luck or happiness for you or all the family members.

Where to place laughing Buddha: These adorable idols should be placed facing the east side as it is considered as the lucky side of the home

The positions of these statues are iconic when it comes to a phase of spirituality or home decor. Though he is a deity his following is not just by religion but they are considered as art or a symbol which can infuse the home with happiness, prosperity or peacefulness. 

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