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The Positive Impact Of Placing Devotional Paintings At Home And Office

by Neha Agarwal on October 27, 2020

The Hindu culture has been dominated by several religions for centuries. The domination is to an extent where our lifestyle revolves around the worshipping of the almighty. With so much importance, it becomes very essential for believers to encourage having more religious arts and pieces around them. Religious paintings give away a sense of relief and calmness to a tormented mind. These pieces of amazing art can come in the form of wall hangings that speak of many religious traditions. You get amazing sculptured stories on these paintings which are even more beautiful than the words you may use to explain it. 

To fill your living space, Tokenz brings you the most amazing collection of mythological paintings. It blesses you with a gracious opportunity to connect with God by bringing it to your home. The very impressive handicraft used by Tokenz adds tranquillity to your living spaces and therefore, lets these paintings of the Hindu gods at your home. Apart from this, terracotta pots, animal, and tropical leaf paintings are also a few options in this online store. 

If you are deciding on what can be placed on the empty wall, let me tell you that a beautiful painting of Lord Ganesha will be a masterpiece for a design. One of the most stunning designs of Lord Ganesh seated on a lotus flower is worth buying. The wooden carvings with minute designs filled in with warm colors are a treat to your eyes. They engage you in immersing in the devotion of your almighty. Get this oval-shaped painting of Lord Ganesha and you will prosper with wisdom and intellect at your house. 

A bit more impressive than the regular painting is a painting etched on palm leaves. The palm leaf painting of the God Natraj is made with soft hues of colors and the piece is exclusively handmade in quality. It looks rich with its originality that throws an amazing look on the walls of your house. It is lightweight and won't occupy a lot of space, however, it will beautify the essence of the room in which you hang it. For the ones who specialize in any form of performance art like Kathak, Bharatnatyam, or classical singing, this piece of art becomes obligatory. Natraj which symbolizes the holy relationship between God and art. The Shiva being the prominent face in this painting spreads positivity and brings you close to your inner soul.

Have you heard of the wonderful dance of Radha Krishna? Well, I am sure, you must have worshipped it! To your amazing surprise, Tokenz has a Radha Krishna painting too. And to have the best, the designs are in huge numbers and varieties and you can choose the one that suits your sentiment the best. The ‘Rasleela’ is one of the oldest traditions of India. It symbolises the pure and spiritual form of eternal love they shared. According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Krishna shows his eternal love to Radha who is interpreted as a representative of human beings. Such an enhanced form of love teaches devotion to the only one and hence is rich in the eyes who worship Radha Krishna

You can get these paintings in all shapes. There are oval sizes in paintings and palm leaf paintings too. The ‘Celestial love Oval Wooden Inlay Painting’ is a beautiful piece in this collection. It is oval-shaped and has a traditional Mysore touch to it. The painting is embedded with a subtle hand and the jewelry crafted is more than amazing. Also, another favorite is the ‘Laddu Gopal Krishna Wooden Panel’. It showcases the exquisite childhood of Lord Krishna was known for his holy mischievousness. The elegance of this painting can throw luster to the wall and room you have this in. 


Why Should You Buy Handmade Religious Paintings for Home and Offices?

One of the biggest advantages of these painting is that they are handmade and the beauty hence, lies in the mastery. With handcrafted designs, simple colors and minute work of details makes them the potential best-sellers. Also, these paintings of God and almighty, just light up your surroundings. If you are a person who claims to have eternal faith in God and his magic, these paintings are the best choice to have your empty walls decorated. 

About certain other positive impacts of imbibing religious paintings at your home and office can be that they are effective remedies for a mentally tortured mind. It helps in reducing depression and these paintings equate with the presence of God in your house. It helps in firming a belief that your family is protected and loved by God. With the creativity installed in these paintings, one gets to know the rich tales and stories concerned with ancient Hindu mythological traditions. Therefore, you cannot afford to wait anymore, as this religious glory marked in the paintings await your presence. 


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