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The festival of love and goodwill - Raksha Bandhan

by Neha Agarwal on February 28, 2021

India is a vast country that houses a wide range of cultures and traditions. With these diverse cultures come a plethora of festivals that grace our beloved country every year. The beautiful celebration of Raksha Bandhan is one of the many amazing festivals that is a part of this rich culture! It is the celebration of brother-sister bond and is celebrated in every Hindu household all over the country, and at times internationally too. Raksha Bandhan is one of the most anticipated festivals of the year because it gives a chance to rekindle the bond every sibling shares!


How does one celebrate Raksha Bandhan?

The celebration is a very unique one that has been religiously followed and practised for years! In history, there are various folklores attached to the beginning of the lovely festival of Raksha Bandhan, but the true essence in all was the beautiful relationship and brother and sister share with each other!

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the full-moon day of the Shravana month of the Hindu calendar, roughly in July/August. On this auspicious day, the sister ties a beautiful rakhi on the wrist of her beloved brother, to protect from any kind of evil influences, and prays for his well being and long happy life. She applies a red tikka on his forehead and offers him, sweets, too after tying the rakhi. After this, the brother gives his lovely sister a gift and makes a promise to protect her at all cost from all harms!


How are Rakhi celebration trends changing now?


The truth is that in this world change is the only constant. Nothing stays the same always, everything evolves with time as it should. Similarly, there have been some significant changes in how one celebrates Raksha Bandhan too! Here are a few Raksha Bandhan trends that are quite popular these days:


  • Sister buying brother gifts
  • While celebrating the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan, it is a long-running tradition that the brother must present his beloved sister with a gift after she ties a beautiful rakhi on his wrist. It does not matter if the brother is younger or older than the sister, he must present her with a gift. Nowadays, the tradition does not just end here! Now it is very common to see sisters presenting their brothers with a heartfelt gift too. This is a rising trend that is gaining popularity at a high rate. 

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  • Bhaiya-Bhabhi Rakhi celebration
  • Going by initial traditions and norms, the festival of Raksha Bandhan stands for sisters tying rakhi on their beloved brother's wrist. Recently, a new tradition seems to have gained popularity- the bhaiya bhabhi Raksha Bandhan celebration!

    This unique tradition is becoming popular every year because of its pure intentions and spirit of Rakhi. It is a lovely way of not just showing your trust in bhabhi, but also gives her a chance to offer a warm welcome into the family. This rakhi trend emerged in the state of Rajasthan is now being practised all over the country. If you are looking for Rakhis for your bhabhi then you should search for “lumbar rakhi”.


  • Sister-sister rakhi celebration
  • Initially, the essence of Raksha Bandhan celebration was in celebrating the bond of brother and sister. The tradition was that the sister shall pray for her brother’s well being and then tie a rakhi on his wrist as a protector. Sadly, sisters with no brothers could not take part in this tradition before, fortunately, this tradition has changed a bit today! Now, sisters are taking it up a notch by tying a rakhi to each other because a sister-sister bond is just as pure as a brother-sister bond. This trend is a new take on the long going traditions but eradicates the irrational idea that only a brother can promise protection while sisters are just as capable of doing the same.


  • Change in Rakhi Styles
  • If one is discussing the different trends of celebrating Raksha Bandhan, then it would be absurd to skip out on the different designs of rakhi that have developed over the years. A rakhi is the most important part of the Raksha Bandhan celebration, if the traditions are going to change then the traditional single thread of rakhi may change into extravagant and beautiful designer rakhis. Today one can find all kinds of Rakhis, from personalised Rakhi designs to rakhis that are designed while keeping the recent fashion trends in mind! Not just that, with sister-sister rakhi traditions, and bhaiya-bhabhi rakhi traditions, Lumba rakhis are a part of the rakhi designs too! 

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    • Distance Rakhi celebration

    Rakhi is the most awaited celebration of the year because it gives brothers and sisters a chance to take time out of their busy lives and regroup to enjoy their bond. It is a beautiful celebration of the purest bond ever discovered and therefore holds a lot of importance in every household in India. Unfortunately, sometimes due to distance it becomes very difficult to keep the spirit of rakhi alive, but with the recent development in technology and continuous efforts of reputable sites like Tokenz, the distance rakhi celebration has become a very popular trend!

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    Traditions and trends may change over the years, but the true spirit of Rakhi stays the same. Celebrate this lovely festival with the ones who helped you shape yourself into the person you are today and keep the celebration alive no matter what!



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