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Reason Behind Celebrating International Friendship Day in India

by Neha Agarwal on June 23, 2021

International Friendship Day, observed on the first Sunday in August, encourages individuals all around the world to reconnect with friends. Make a new companion or rekindle an existing friendship.

Friendships exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, and we begin to create them while we are very young. Friendships and their significance change throughout our lifetimes. Our students and neighbours joined us on our adventures across the world. We spoke about our past experiences and set goals for the future. Paths split eventually, and new people find a place in our social lives. Our culture evolves as our globe expands. We broaden our horizons with each new friendship. Our lives take on new significance as a result of their experiences. Friendships help us to grow and extend our perspectives. The globe grows smaller and more linked with time.


The reason behind celebrating friendship day

National Friendship Day was established in 1919 by Hallmark. It was meant to be a day for individuals to send cards to one other to honour their friendship. The industry, however, had dried up by 1940, and it finally died out altogether. Then, in 1998, at the United Nations, Winnie the Pooh was appointed the world's Ambassador of Friendship. Although most nations commemorate the first Sunday in August, the United Nations designated July 30th as International Friendship Day in April 2011.

The official proclamation encourages people to "observe this day in a suitable manner, in line with their local, national, and regional communities' culture and other relevant conditions or customs, including via education and public consciousness activities."


How do you celebrate friendship day?

Every Friendship Day, you and your pals generally arrange something exciting, new, and different to do together. You make sure to add in FUN whether it's picking the ideal card with clearly funny phrases, or deciding on their presents, or thinking of the perfect methods to smear each other's faces with cake or sometimes even eggs and tomatoes, or arranging a trip, or even just hanging around doing nothing. 

So, what's all the hubbub about? Isn't Friendship Day more than the number of wristbands, the number of Friendship cards you get, the number of pictures you take, and the number of postings on social media you make? It is, in fact. Of course, friendship is a commitment that lasts a lifetime, not just one day. But, since the inventor of Hallmark Greeting Cards went to such lengths to create 'Friendship Day,' let us make it a little more special.

Here's a list of friendship day celebration ideas or creative ideas of friendship day celebration  you may do to express your gratitude for your friends' presence in your life:

  • Make a song

  • Your pals are well aware that your tunes are as bad as a donkey's bray. But don't let that prohibit you from having a good time while listening to music. You and your pals can get together and reflect on the memories you and your friends have shared. Then, with some rhyming phrases and repetitive lines, you're ready to go! You've written your own tune. You'll be amazed at how much fun it can be if you sing it in different songs.

  • Marathon of photos

  • If you've had a number of sleepovers with your pals, you've probably attempted a 'Movie Marathon.' Try a 'Photo Marathon' on Friendship Day.

    Relive your memories by going through all of your photos together. See how many experiences you can recollect, and you'll be astonished at how far you've come together in such a little time.

  • A No-Network Challenge 

  • Technology has engulfed nearly every profession on the planet; don't let it engulf your friendship as well. Though you spend much time with your pals physically, you prefer to spend your mental time with technological devices.

    Whether you decide to throw a great party or remain at home and do nothing on this friendship day, make it a day without the internet. It's not about how much time you and your pals spend together, but about how much quality time you spend together. For a FUNship day, turn off the internet for a day.

  • Take a journey

  • You may not be an alien for collecting rain checks for excursions and journeys after spending so much time with your pals. Take a spontaneous vacation with no plans. Try to find areas you were previously unaware of or simply wander about.

    Consider how different your life would have been if you hadn't had those annoyingly fantastic pals. Make this Friendship Day more memorable by giving them a piece of yourself.

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