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Origin of Radha Krishna Art

by Neha Agarwal on January 21, 2021

For true followers of Radha Krishna, decoration of home seems incomplete without Radha Krishna painting, nothing matches the piousness of pure love of goddess Radha and Lord Krishna. Radha Krishna is divinity together due to which devotees chant their name together. This popular artistic theme flourished from the 15th century in royal Hindu courts with mystique being an aspect of attraction for the people

Lord Krishna who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and goddess Radha who is an incarnation of goddess Lakshmi or was considered as shakti of Lord Vishnu were parts of a singular divinity. Lord Krishna was popularly known for captivating the gopis of Vrindavan with his flute, Radha was one of that gopis who became fond of Lord Krishna

Let’s look at the history of Radha Krishna paintings or  walk through time and look at the various forms of painting which adopted Radha Krishna art as their theme:

  • Madhubani paintings of Mithila paintings were the oldest paintings in India as they have their origin at the time of Ramayana and is practised in Bihar was a lost jewel and was found after a massive earthquake hit the state Bhar in the 20th century. As women are the main creator of Madhubani paintings,  Women of Bihar thought Mithila painting is a great source to depict the love story of Krishna Radha due to which they drew them both together in traditional style on the floral background which is one of the most popular Madhubani paintings. Separate paintings of Lord Krishna are also seen depicting specific stories behind it. 
  • The oldest Radha Krishna paintings were seen in phad paintings in 13th and 14th century. They originated in Rajasthan around seven hundred years ago the love story of Radha Krishna is portrayed in a compact manner in these paintings. Artists used rice or wheat flour instead of colours in its initial days and divided the painting into boxes to depict various emotions or scenes in Radha Krishna story. A long cloth is used as a fabric known as phad. Fervent seeded in the hearts of Krishna and Radha for each other is one of the main themes in phad painting
  • Thanjavur paintings or paintings originated from Maratha court of Thanjavur whose inspiration was found around 1600 AD is a south style of painting have a wide range of Radha Krishna paintings done on a wooden plank known as palagi Padam which is really popular among south Indian people as they decorate their walls with these paintings perfectly conceptualizing the love between goddess Radha and Lord Krishna. It is really popular among global front as well due to the portrayal of rasleela when little Krishna used to tease of gopis of Gokul the charming colours used emphasises on the pious relationship of Krishna and Radha
  • Lord Krishna and goddess Radha are the highest worshipped deities as people have been passing down the manifestation of tales of Radha Krishna in the form of paintings etc. Pichwai painting reflects the most devotional form of painting on paper or fabric portraying the story of Lord Krishna and goddess Radha. These paintings reflect natural colours instead of synthetic colours originating in Aurangabad, Deccan area of India and Rajasthan narrating different tales of Krishna. These paintings are very large due to which large cloth is used for its execution process. Some famous pichwai paintings are rasleela of Krishna, eternal tales of Radha Krishna, and Krishna fighting off evil beings.

Even today we find Radha Krishna paintings with contemporary touch or a hint of abstraction in them which reflects the inclination of the artists towards narrating the tale of Radha Krishna in the form of paintings.

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