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Lumba Rakhi: Make Bond Stronger with Bhabhi

by Manan Sharma on August 23, 2020

Raksha Bandhan or rakhi is a festival of love, care and affection. This is the special day to celebrate the special bond of love shared between brothers and sisters. This day is marked by a special tradition of tying a decorated thread around the brother's wrist by the sisters followed by aarti and tilak (a red mark made with Chandan or kumkum). This thread signifies a bond of protection, care and affection. After tilak, sisters pray for the success, protection and growth of her brother while brothers take a pledge to protect their sister in every situation. Sisters also feed their brothers with sweets and dry foods and brothers also do the same. Brothers give them a meaningful gift like clothes, personalized gifts, or money.

The preparation of this beautiful festival starts way before then it occurs. Sisters go out to buy the best rakhi for their brothers and sister-in-law (if the brother is married) while brothers on their part keep searching for the best gift for their sweet sisters. Talking about sister-in-law, there is a special rakhi for them called Lumba rakhi. Lumba rakhi is a beautiful and special rakhi for bhabhi.

When a brother is married, it is believed that no ritual or puja/prayer is completed without his wife because she becomes his other-half (Ardhangini). Rakshabandhan involves a prayer/puja therefore it is necessary to make his wife a part of this beautiful prayer by presenting her a special rakhi called 'Lumba rakhi'.

The Marwari word 'lumba' means bangle. When a thread is tied to the bangle of sister-in-law or bhabhi, it is called the 'lumba rakhi'. Lumba rakhi is a great way of expressing your affection and love towards your bhabhi. Sisters love to tie this special rakhi on the bangles of their bhabhi. This beautiful knot of love tied on her bangles takes the relationship between sister and bhabhi to the next level by making it sweeter. If you buy this special rakhi for your bhabhi then this beautiful bond of love in a form of thread would create a special place for you in her heart forever. Lumba rakhi is a holy thread to convey your love and thoughtfulness towards your bhabhi. So never forget to buy a lumba rakhi for your bhabhi on rakhi as she is an integral part of your family. Make her feel special by including her in the auspicious rituals of Raksha Bandhan. With a lumba rakhi, you can convey her the message of acceptance, love, care and affection without using words. This beautiful rakhi helps to make your bond stronger with your bhabhi.


Origin of Lumba rakhi

The custom of tying a Lumba rakhi on bhabhi's wrist (or bangles, more precisely) on Raksha Bandhan originated in Rajasthan from the Marwari community but now it has gained its popularity among other communities as well. Nowadays even sisters tie lumba rakhis to each other as a token of love, respect and protection. People love to show their love and cherish their sister-in-law and sisters on this auspicious occasion. This beautiful ritual of showing love towards your bhabhi is gaining popularity in other communities due to its spiritual significance. Tying a lumba rakhi on bhabhi's wrist signifies your special bond of love with her.


Significance of Lumba Rakhi

It is believed that lumba rakhi plays an important role in connecting and uniting together the family members. Joint family is like an extra dose of unconditional love and support that is why this tradition forms its roots in other communities as well. This beautiful tradition of tying a rakhi thread on bangles of sister-in-law helps to maintain and cherish the relationship among family members by bringing them close together. This tradition sustains the culture of joint family.

However, nowadays people have found a different significance of these kinds of rakhi. Modern people who love to tie lumba rakhi to each other believe that this rakhi signifies that women have no lesser potential than a man and they can protect each other as well. Lumba rakhi has now become a beautiful token of women power that women love to flaunt proudly on this auspicious occasion.


Types of Lumba Rakhi

During this stressful time of corona crisis, your sweet, little and meaningful gift of lumba rakhi can bring a never fading smile on your bhabhi's face. Many different beautiful designs and types of lumba rakhi would look great on your bhabhi's hand because it gives a beautiful jewellery kind of look to the bangles by enhancing their look. It gives a breathtaking appearance just like a piece of jewellery. There are many types of lumba rakhi you can send to your bhabhi like stone-work lumba rakhi, pearl lumba rakhi, gota-work lumba rakhi, beads lumba rakhi, metal finished lumba rakhi, ethnic look lumba rakhi, modern look lumba rakhi and many more. You can also buy a cute rakhi combo of matching rakhis for your brother and bhabhi.


Get the Attractive Lumba Rakhis in a Few Clicks

Sending your bhabhi and brother a cute rakhi gift hamper that includes matching rakhis, sweets and some little cute gifts like a coffee mug or a packet of assorted dry fruits can be a great idea to celebrate this beautiful day from far away and make them feel special.  Lumba rakhi is a prayer in a form of threads and beads to make the marital relationship of your brother and bhabhi stronger. It is a blessing of togetherness for the couple in a form of rakhi. You can buy beautiful designer lumba rakhis online from or simply you can send attractive and beautiful rakhis and gifts to your brothers and family across India and abroad. We provide the best and latest collection of designer lumba rakhis. So what are you waiting for?  The best designer rakhi and gift hampers are just a few clicks away. Don't wait just go for it without a doubt. Your brother and bhabhi will appreciate your thoughtfulness.



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