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Khadi Organic Items And Product Hampers

by Neha Agarwal on April 06, 2021 has included a large variety of Khadi items and hampers online at These hampers consist of Khadi hand sanitizers of 3 sets to protect you from any kind of virus; Khadi set of 3 body wash soaps to keep you fresh and clean. Khadi herbal body wash soaps, herbal tea that is naturally made and devoid of chemicals, etc., Khadi Triphala Brahmi hair oil, Khadi Rose Honey bath soap, ps, etc., that you can gift to your loved ones make them feel special. These gift hampers will serve the best care for your closed ones and keep them safe and clean. Thus, we will see various things related to Khadi gift hampers and items like khadi products, their history, the advantages of using them, and numerous others.


What are khadi items and hampers?

In India, Khadi refers to handwoven and hand-spun cloth. Weavers prefer yarn produced by mills because it is more robust and consistent in quality. Various states have boards and cooperative societies for khadi production, promotion, sale, and marketing, such as Haryana Khadi and Village Industries Board, Andhra Pradesh State Handloom Weavers Cooperative Society, Gujarat State Handloom, and Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd, Jharkhand Silk Textile and Handicraft Development Corporation, and Tamil Nadu Handloom Weavers' Cooperative Society. These places and organizations produce the finest quality of khadi items like khadi haircare, khadi skincare, khadi healthcare that are good in quality. Now, Khadi products are the best option to give them to someone to whom you love. Khadi gifts and hampers are naturally made and do not contain any synthetic components. Thus, you can provide these hampers to your loved ones carefree so that they can come a little closer to nature.


History of Khadi products

The Swadeshi movement in India in the British era forced people to use only Indian products and boycott synthetic products and those made by machines. Thus, Khadi was seen as the best alternative to solve this problem so that Indians can be encouraged to use only handmade products. The use of Khadi was called on by Mahatma Gandhi to avoid the monopoly of the English clothes that were expensive and also were made up of poor quality fabric. Thus, he started spinning himself and encouraged others also to contribute to it.  He further made the Chakri (spinning wheel) the symbol of the Nationalist movement. Initially, the Indian flag was supposed to have a chakri, not the Ashoka Chakra at its center. But later, they dropped the idea and included Ashok chakra in it. There are various types of products that come under the category of Khadi products now, and they have oil, face wash, body wash, sanitizer, shampoo, and other such material.


Benefits of Khadi products

There are a variety of benefits of Khadi products, and they are-

  1. They employ everyone. Thus, food is given to poor people who spin and weave khadi clothes for them and other people also.
  2. Since the khadi products are made up of cotton, farmers are benefited from them a lot.
  3. Also, since all the products are natural and handmade, thus these are the eco-friendly materials
  4. Also, it is very healthy because it is porous and made up of cotton.
  5. The products made of Khadi are aesthetic and straightforward. Hence, your lifestyle and value are significantly reflected in them.
  6. Another most important benefit of wearing khadi products is that you remain attached to the freedom struggle movement, and you inherit those values from them.
  7. Further, if you spin, it is Karma Yajna. Thus, you get an unparalleled joy of wearing them because they are made up of hand-spun yarn.

Thus, these are the few benefits of using khadi products.


Varieties of Khadi hampers and other gifts

By purchasing Khadi hampers and other gifts from, you will get an option to choose from the custom and default version. For example, the Khadi products and hampers include Khadi aloe vera cucumber body lotion sets. Khadi rose sandal and sandal soaps etc., Khadi sunscreen lotion SPF 15, and various such others. You will get an option to choose your customized gift hampers and includes within them any kind of products that you wish to buy.

We have already deliberated upon the Khadi products’ qualities, the chemicals, and other harmful substances in the synthetic materials. Thus, it is advised that you use only natural and handmade products to avoid various side effects like irritation, acne, dryness of the skin, and healthy and glowing.

Also, these products benefit not only your skin but also the environment.  The increasing pollution these days has driven people to desperately look for products that would treat the environment with kindness. Thus, it becomes even more crucial to use environment-friendly products that will not cause any harm to the environment. Tokenz is the only platform that offers you a large variety of Khadi products to keep you clean and fresh and devoid of harmful chemicals. All the skincare products are 100% natural and do not contain any synthetic materials. Thus, to get the best quality Khadi products, you must shop at



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