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Interesting facts about Abstract Painting

by Neha Agarwal on July 15, 2021

Abstract art or abstract painting is contemporary art that does not depict imagery from our everyday lives. In the portrayal of images in art, abstraction denotes a break from reality. This deviation from correct portrayal might be minor, significant, or total. Abstraction occurs on a scale of one to ten. Even art that strives for the utmost level of verisimilitude might be considered abstract, at least in theory, because perfect depiction is unattainable. Artwork that takes liberties, such as changing colour and shape in noticeable ways, is considered to be partly abstract. There is no vestige of anything identifiable in total abstraction. There are few references to naturalistic creatures in geometric abstraction, for example.

Color, lines, and forms  are there, but they are not meant to depict objects or live creatures. Abstraction-related concepts and ideologies impacted many of the painters. Painting and sculpture are both examples of abstract art. There are also numerous pieces of art that are both abstract and representational in nature. Many artists work in abstract and other forms of modern art, as well. Purely abstract art is a product of the twentieth century. It evolved from previous types of modern art, yet it is arguably the only movement that is really contemporary. It has no antecedents in previous works of art.


An overview of abstract art facts

  • Abstract art gained popularity in the 1900s, particularly in New York.
  • Real-world objects are not shown in abstract art.
  • It creates visuals that communicate sentiments by combining colours, lines, and forms.
  • The art is generally seen in the form of large abstract painting
  • Lines and figures are everywhere in abstract painting, so the attention isn't drawn to a single place like it is in traditional art.
  • Abstract painters and sculptors are typically recognised by their own unique style of painting or sculpture.

    Early years

    Kazimir Malevich, who showed a fully black square in 1913, was one of the first to accomplish complete abstract paintings. He was a Suprematist, a type of artist who worked with basic geometrical designs. Geometric abstraction is a type of art based on geometry. In 1913, Wassily Kandinsky created the renowned Composition VII, which was entirely abstract and extremely complicated.

    The storey of Manierre Dawson, a Chicago-based American, is fascinating. He began painting real abstract works on a visit to Europe in 1910. Back in the United States, he realised that he couldn't make a livelihood as an artist and decided to become a farmer. He remained forgotten until 1963, when he was rediscovered. He may have been the first to create an entirely abstract painting.

    Hundreds of other painters have created abstract paintings. Piet Mondrian and Henry Moore, a sculptor, are notable for their extensive effect on other artists.


    What is the best way to gaze at an abstract painting?

    • Colors, forms, lines, and textures utilised in the abstract artwork should all be visible.
    • Instead of attempting to relate the title to the artwork (which might be highly ambiguous), try to comprehend the feeling or connect to the emotion portrayed.
    • Learn about the artist's history to have a better understanding of his life.
    • Instead of you asking questions about the painting, let it ask you questions.
    • Don't let your emotions get in the way; basking in the mystery of an artwork may be just as enjoyable.

      Abstract painting styles

      • Instead of using a brush, paint splatter technique or fling paint onto the canvas.
      • For intriguing pairings, use a block colour or colours on the other side of the colour wheel.
      • Cubism is the practice of looking at objects in three dimensions on a flat canvas by breaking it down into distinct forms then repainting it from various perspectives.
      • Marbling, or the portrayal of colour streaks in the manner of marble, is a popular technique.
      • Memphis style or the use of bright neon, strong or repeating patterns with geometric designs is referred to as Memphis style.
      • Illustrations or line art with straight or curved lines
      • In nature, one can discover organic abstract or wavy abstract forms.
      • Dots of varying sizes and spacing are used to create halftone or tone images.


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