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by Neha Agarwal on July 08, 2021

Wall paintings, wall decor, and all such artworks help us a lot to enhance the beauty and decoration of our home. Wall arts are just fascinating and it catches the eyes of everyone. A true lover and admirer of art will definitely take a moment to appreciate a good piece of art. Not many people like the concept of wall paintings, because they believe that it takes up a lot of space, but actually, it is on the contrary. Home interior paintings and paintings for living rooms really escalate the beauty of each corner. And, of course, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but all will appreciate a good piece of art. So, if you still think that wall paintings are not worth it, then you are missing out on a great opportunity to make your home look beautiful. 

There are varieties of wall paintings, when we talk about them. Some people prefer simple wall painting, while some prefer geometric wall painting. There are other options for wall painting at home, including epic wall painting, landscape painting, fine arts wall painting, or even buddha wall painting, which is a highly demanded art form in India, Nepal, and Bhutan. You can also choose anything according to your preference. 

Now, when we talk about it, there are no ground rules that you can incorporate to decorate your wall with paintings or get living room paintings. But, some factors that, when kept in mind, can really help you choose the right painting for your wall. Wondering what those are? Worry not, we have tried to curate all the details that you need in this blog. So, let us get going with the points that will help you to choose the right painting for your wall: 


1. Size of the painting and the wall:

This is something really important that most people tend to avoid. A huge painting will never look good in a very small space. You should definitely consider the size of your wall as well as the size of the painting. If you have a big wall, a small painting will just look weird. Make sure to measure the length of your wall, and it’s width. This way you can have an idea of the perfect painting measurements that you should go for. Remember, the paintings are to enhance the beauty of the wall and not make it look congested. 


2. Color and style of the wall and the painting:

Another important factor is the color and style of your wall. If you have a very plain wall, definitely you can go for a very colorful and vibrant painting, but if your wall is already very colorful, or the paint is very vivid, then it is better to go for subtle paintings. Now, when it comes to the style part, you should keep in mind that the painting must match the vibe of your room, or what you have in mind. A blank space can be decorated as we like, but a decorated space should be enhanced, keeping the theme intact. If you have a very vintage room, you should go for that aesthetic. If your room has a very girly decoration and pastel paints, you can go for such paintings that will match this vibe. 


3. Floor plans:

Now, we are sure that you never thought that floor plans can be important in determining the right painting for your wall. Well, it is what it is. Nowadays, many people go for glass floors, open floors and various such fancy designs. The wall painting should definitely sync with the floor plans. It must look well planned and organised. A small mistake can really ruin the whole vibe of your room. The symmetric and the designs must always align. 


4. Wall painting defines your home:

Now, this might seem a little too exaggerated! Well, it is not. When we decorate our home with such beautiful wall paintings, our guests are bound to have a look at it. It must be something that defines you, your personality, and your aura. It should be vivid from the wall painting. This is much more of a psychological aspect rather than a materialistic or measurable one. You have to set your mind for it, and ask yourself, what do you want your home to be like? Everybody has a different personality, which is pretty much decipherable from how they decorate their home. Wall paintings, wall colors, and shoe pieces go a long way in helping you build that up.


5. It must align with other decorations and your furniture:

Last but not least, your wall painting should definitely align with your other decorations and your furniture. It should not look too much, or way too over the top. But, again, it should not look too bland. Everything should be balanced out, and well co-operated. That is a factor to be kept in mind while deciding on or choosing the wall painting for your home.

So, these are the factors that should be kept in mind while choosing the wall painting for your home and living rooms. These factors should be kept in mind, before finalizing any wall paintings. Everything is a process where you need to put the right ratio of the ingredients. Nothing should go too much or too little. 

Wall paintings make your home look beautiful, but choosing the right wall painting can be really hectic! Though, it may seem easy to many at first, but when you choose the wrong paintings that just don’t suit your wall, you realise that you should have considered some factors that we just stated above. But, now you don’t have anything to worry about. Make sure to go through everything very thoroughly and you will definitely find the right match, the perfect painting for your wall. 


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