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Here’s How You Can Celebrate Diwali 2020

by Neha Agarwal on October 08, 2020

The year 2020 has not brought us any good news so far; from an ongoing pandemic to high suicide rates, everything around us has become a deep state of sad affairs. But at the end of the day (or, perhaps year), we have realized how important it is to stay safe and keep others safe.

Amidst all the chaos and cure, the festive season brings a breath of fresh air and a ray of hope. With autumn approaching, it is time for Indians' beloved festival, Diwali. 

Diwali is one festival that is celebrated beyond any language, religion, and region. But just how everything is different this year, how face masks have become #NewNormal and Cafes and Bars are empty. So much has changed this year that even the celebration of the festival has to be different. 

While Diwali 2020 will be one of a kind Diwali, let us not forget that it will be celebrated during an ongoing pandemic. Let us keep the charm, excitement, and love alive but with a strain of safety. So, to ease out the brainstorm about what should be done or what should not be done to light up your day, here are few things that may help you out! 


1) Virtual meet and greet

Diwali is all about family, parties, and gifts. With the safety conditions related to social distancing, having a party looks like a dream. Nothing feels worse than not being able to see your family on the day of Diwali. Party may still happen, but with the twist of video calling. Call all your homies and enjoy their company virtually. Together you can hope and wish for better times to come!


2) Avoiding mass gatherings

We all love to visit Diwali fares. Those authentic designs of diyas and decorations never fail to attract us. As much as we love seeing these hop shops, we know that we have to avoid places of mass gatherings. We may feel something is left incomplete from our regular Diwali, but the famous saying "Health is Wealth" still holds true. What we can do is, we can shop online for our decorations and diyas, which will be delivered straight to our doorstep and is a relatively safer shopping option!


3) Cooking your favorite meal

Who does not love savory meals on Diwali? There is a legend that says calories do not count on Diwali. But on Diwali 2020, ditch the corner- sweet shop and channelize your culinary skills. With so many youtube tutorials and food programs flooding around, let's learn to make another dish and save ourselves from the crowd and follow social distancing. The dishes will not only taste better but will give you surety that they are pure, hygienic, and safe to eat. Because no compromises with health, right? 


4) Donate

Every year during Diwali Shopping, we have knowingly or unknowingly supported the small business by buying Diyas, Rangoli colors, decorative items, and sweets. But with very few shoppers around this year, many companies have found it difficult to survive. The bare minimum we can do is to support NGOs that support them and donate money online. If possible, donate clothes and supplies too. Diwali is a festival of giving and spreading happiness. By doing our bit, we make sure to make those happy who rely on our joy. 


5) Avoid hosting guests at your home

Diwali is all about exchanging love and gifts. Every year we may visit our beloved's home and treat them with sweets, chocolates, and gifts. But different times call for different measures. This Diwali, give this responsibility to online platforms such as ours to do the same for you. Not only can you select the best Diwali gift online, but also you can get them delivered straight to your loved one's doorstep! Why risk your health and theirs' when you can showcase your love from a distance. This year, be a responsible well-wisher. 

No matter how many constraints we may encounter, the feeling of love and belongingness never fades. This Diwali, express your love through online gifts and send your loved ones the best Diwali gifts online. Diwali is not just a festival; it is an emotion. This Diwali, stay home, stay safe, and stay blessed.


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