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All You Need To Know About The Art Of Perfumery

by Neha Agarwal on March 08, 2021

Perfume is derived from a Latin word that means "through smoke". It is a scent that is intense and has been in common use in India for ages. It is particularly a sign of faith, wealth and prestige as they connect the person to their native place. If you want to buy any of the Indian fragrances, we at offer a bunch of Indian aromas at the best prices. Before any of that, let's dive right into what significance these natural aromas of India holds for us. 

History of Indian fragrances

Indian fragrances have a rich history of perfumes and aromatic scents in India. India has always been a rich hub of perfumes as it has a landmass of over 3 million km and a plethora of various fragrant trees and flowers that offer heartwarming fragrances. Right from lilies in the north to Champa in the south to jasmine plants growing almost everywhere, India has lots of sources for Indian fragrances. If you're interested in learning more about India's ancient history of aroma extraction, you can look at ancient texts dating back over two thousand years that describe how aromas were extracted from plants and offered as offerings during religious ceremonies. Later on, you can come across several texts that discuss the diversity of Indian aromas and how they combine to create an exotic Indian scent.

Empire of perfumes

Perfumes are indeed made to connect us to our mother earth. They connect us to places, reminding us of where they are sourced or where we smelt them first. India has a whole massive empire of perfumes that are sourced from various ingredients that are native to Indians. For example, the warm smell of sandalwood connects us to the ancient lives in south India whereas the sweet smell of saffron connects us to the north. The various Indian fragrances are of immense value in India's past as they were seen as symbols of wealth as well as identifiers of a particular place and culture. Owing to the rich history of aromas in India, India is one of the biggest traders of Indian perfumes in the world. 

Indian perfumes have a long history that goes beyond hundreds of years. The way people engage with perfumes and fragrances have changed drastically in the past some years. Along with these changes, people came across some myths about perfumes and fragrances that are not true. We are here to debunk some of the most common myths about perfumes and fragrances. 

Myths about perfumes and fragrances

  • Perfume is only for women: For years, people have said that perfumes are those fragrances that are particularly formulated only for women. This is a hundred per cent a myth because the fragrance is genderless. A man can easily pick up a fragrance for women and wear it as hers. And vice versa. There is no compulsion as to who has to wear what kind of perfume, it solely depends on the person's choice. 
  • When you rub a scent into your skin, it lasts longer: The most common perfume fallacy is that you can rub the perfume under strain to extend its life. The reality is that you shouldn't rub the fragrances because rubbing breaks up the fragrance molecules, which causes the smell to evaporate.
  • You can’t wear multiple fragrances: Most people wear one fragrance at a time because they believe they can’t try multiple perfumes at once. The actual thought behind this myth is that one fragrance tends to overpower the other one which will end up on you wearing too much perfume. But the actual truth is that this myth is completely wrong. Most perfumers will allow you to layer your scents. Through combining and layering various perfumes, you will create a distinctive and nuanced fragrance.
  • Perfumes don’t expire: The actual truth behind this myth is that though there is not an expiration date printed on the bottles of perfumes or fragrances in reality they do expire. Perfumes tend to expire because perfumes are sensitive to light, humidity, and heat. And they can expire based on how well you store them.  
  • Buying perfumes online is fake: People often believe that buying perfumes online is fake. Though, in actual reality, there are knock off online websites out there that sell amazing Indian perfumes. There are online stores like that offer genuine and high-quality Indian perfumes brands. 

The evolution of perfumes

The earliest use of perfume can be traced back to Alexander the Great's reign. A passage from that period references a "chest of perfumes" that used to surround the great warrior. The perfume was thought to be traded as incense, which is said again in Genesis. There are even indications of the use of perfume in the form of incense by Cleopatra. Not only this, the history of perfumes goes back to the time of Ramayana as well where the nobles have said to spray themselves with Sandalwood Indian perfumes. There are even mentions about perfumed powders that were carried by the warriors. From that era to this, Indian perfumes have come a long way. 

Everything comes at a cost and so does perfumes. There are numerous side effects of using perfumes. Therefore, it is always advised to use perfumes made of natural aromatic ingredients. Some side effects are stated below. 

Side effects of perfumes: 

  • Fragrances can cause severe headaches and negatively affect your brain.
  • Fragrance irritates the skin. 
  • Fragrances can cause allergies, asthma and respiratory diseases. 
  • Fragrance even harms the reproductive system. 
  • Fragrance can also cause cancer. 
Why risk your health when you can choose from the list of Indian perfume brands that are made up of natural ingredients. We at offer some exceptional Indian perfume choices for your scenic experience at the best prices.

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