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All You Need To Know About Khadi Hair Care Products

by Neha Agarwal on September 08, 2020

With the decreasing health quality of the environment, there has been a significant spike in the use of natural and sustainable products. With the conscious efforts made worldwide to bring about awareness of the need for immediate change for our environment's betterment, there has been a significant shift of consumers from conventional artificial products towards more environmentally friendly and sustainable organic products.

A slow yet steady change, to shift to a more eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to the product, can be seen in every industry. The most significant shift can be observed in the natural khadi products industry. More specifically, the khadi hair care products industry. 

Regular synthetic shampoos and conditioners expose the hair and skin to harsh chemical ingredients that can potentially leave long-term effects, including dryness, skin irritation, deterioration or reduction in the size of the hair follicles, hair loss, and even premature graying of hair. The ingredients or the cleansing agents used in the formula of the base of the khadi hair care products are gentle on the scalp and hair. They can be used without worrying about the ingredients.

Here are some benefits of khadi hair care products in comparison to synthetic hair care products:

1. Improved look and feel of hair and scalp

Even our regular conventional shampoos do their job and clean the hair thoroughly. Still, sometimes in their cleansing process, they eliminate the vital natural oils of the hair and scalp. 

This leaves the scalp and dry and itchy. Especially if one has sensitive skin that easily gets irritated, they may find that these synthetic shampoos aggravate the problems. After the hair gets introduced to chemical-free natural shampoos, because the hair continues to hold on to its natural oils, hair starts to feel softer and smoother with regular use. It enhances the quality of the hair as well.

2. Natural, soothing, and stimulating effect

Even though khadi hair products work slowly yet steadily, the natural ingredients present in the hair products help to impart, gently yet effectively, stuff like vitamins, oils, minerals, and botanical extracts to the hair follicles, leaving a nourishing and soothing effect. They also gently stimulate the growth of hair, enhance the overall appearance and texture of the hair, and help retain its natural moisture as well.

3. Naturally moisturizing

Natural Khadi hair care products are often enriched with nourishing and pure moisturizers that include oils, gels, and butters. Some of the popular moisturizing agents that are commonly found in natural shampoos and conditioners are Aloe vera, Coconut Oil, and butter, such as cocoa, shea butter, etc.

4. A PH-balanced formula

Whether the PH-value is highly acidic or highly alkaline, both are equally toxic to your hair and can end up damaging your hair cuticles and scalp. Everywhere in life, excess of something never brings any good, but a balance is always needed. Similarly, pH-balanced shampoo is essential for the excellent health of your hair. 

The shampoo must neither be too acidic nor too alkaline. Compared to your conventional shampoos, Khadi hair care products have a relatively balanced pH-balanced formula with a range of 4.5 to 5.5 pH-value. This helps maintain the best health of your hair.

5. They benefit the environment

Using natural khadi hair care products in the place of synthetic hair care products does not just benefit the health of our hair but also extends to the environment's health. Since the synthetic chemicals are replaced by environment-friendly ingredients in the khadi hair care products, the pollution caused by the harmful toxicants that pollute the rivers and sewer systems that ultimately poisons the aquatic life goes down a notch or two comparatively. 

Natural shampoos are biodegradable; hence, they quickly disintegrate into non-toxic constituents. This product does not destroy or cause harm to the ecosystem; therefore, no pollution. 

Besides these benefits, khadi hair care products are non-allergic and prevent loss of dyed hair color. If you are looking for hair care products online in India, or instead khadi products online, you can find several options to choose from and a variety of choices to find the perfect product for your hair.

Go organic. Go natural.


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