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All You Need to Know About Celebrating Father’s Day

by Neha Agarwal on June 08, 2021

The value of a father cannot be overstated, and he is a superhero who is always willing to help his children with their everyday problems. Fathers play an essential part in their children’s lives; they are there for them through thick and thin and assist them in reaching their goals. So, what could be more meaningful than commemorating their sacrifices and efforts? Fatherhood is unconditional love and care in its highest form. And we often fail to appreciate this effort and sacrifice put in by the expected ‘breadwinner’ of the family. This is why Father’s Day came into existence in 1910 when a little girl wanted her father to achieve recognition for his struggles, which later turned into an international holiday! International Father’s Day 2021 falls on the 20th of June, a Sunday, so you have an amazing opportunity to give your dad the best surprise he has ever received! 

The history of Father’s Day tells us that it is one of the most widely accepted celebrations in the world, with people making their fathers proud in the most heartwarming ways. Father’s Day in India has recently become popular and is celebrated with equal zest. While the day is observed on different days worldwide, the underlying significance is to honour fathers everywhere. For children whose mothers are unmarried, the new customs honour their efforts in fulfilling both parental duties. If you are wondering what you can do for your dad on this day, we have come up with some great ideas on how International Fathers Day in India is celebrated.


Pamper Him Throughout the Day

He has gone to great lengths to make us feel cherished throughout the year. He understands and fulfils everything without us having to say anything. It's now up to us to prove to him that his nurturing genes run in our veins. Treat him to a variety of Father's Day surprises, such as his favourite meals and desserts. Give him a special surprise that will delight him and make the day more memorable. Give him the relaxed day off he deserves while making the experience wholesome with extra love. Remember to keep this feeling of appreciation going throughout the year because every father is special and deserves to be celebrated every day! You can also gift him some self-care products like ayurvedic or khadi healthcare that have a calming effect on the mind and are a breath of fresh air for your body.


Spend Time with Him

The best Father's Day present we can give our fathers is our presence and time. So, spend Father's Day with him playing his favourite games like Ludo, Chess, Cards, and Carrom. Nothing could be a more unique Father's Day surprise gift than your valuable time. Over a cup of tea or coffee, strengthen your bond with him. Actually listen to his stories and tell him about your own. Have a father-daughter or a father-son day out and experience the blissful comfort of being in his presence. 


Have a Virtual Get-together

Even if we are confined to our homes, we can continue to make arrangements with some of our favourite people. Let's take use of the fact that we live in a digital and hyper-connected era. You can surprise your father by planning a family video conference with everyone in the family, regardless of where they are during the lockdown. You will be pleased to see the look on his face when he reconnects with all his old friends or relatives. Don’t let the lockdown become a bummer for your Father’s Day celebrations. Get him a delightful Father’s Day online gift that will reach his doorstep even at midnight. When you have so many options at the click of your mouse, it becomes easy to plan the perfect Father’s day surprise!

Take Over His Responsibilities for a Day

If you're wondering how to surprise your father, you should give this idea a thought. Fathers work from the earliest ray of sunshine to the bright moon in the sky. The wonderful results of their hard work and labour are the home luxuries and worldly pleasures we experience. They sweat all day and night so that we can get a good night's sleep. Give him a break from his responsibilities on Father's Day. Take on his daily responsibilities, such as carrying groceries and making pending bill payments, although he's unlikely to let you. Allow him to relax, unwind, and re-energize. It will, without a doubt, be the best present you could give to your father.

Plan a Trip for Him

Fathers rarely express their desires, but we, as their children, must understand what they don't say. He may not admit it, but he more than anybody else deserves a weekend getaway. So, on Father's Day, make one for him. It might be a solo trip, a family trip, or a journey with his children. Make all of the arrangements based on his preferences. Consider whether he prefers the mountains or the seaside, and send him on the journey of his lifetime!

Surprise Him with a Gift

Fathers always believe in giving rather than receiving. Dads are always on the giving end of the spectrum, never on the receiving end. Father's Day is an opportunity for all of us to shower him with presents. Give him a gift that encourages him to pursue a hobby or motivates him to start doing something he has been putting off for a long time. If your dad has been interested in cooking or is a huge foodie, give him homemade chocolates to brighten the mood. Baking brownies and dry cake with him might help you bond with him better. Give him a token of appreciation for all that he does with a thoughtful gift.


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