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7 Indian Sweets You Must Try

by Neha Agarwal on December 09, 2020

Are you craving for something sweet right now? Well, there are some most chosen Indian sweets you can try out, which smell is enough to make your mouth water. These amazing sweets rank on the top marks depending on their essence, their taste and one of the main factors, the sweetness. Some densely packed cities such as Kolkata, Uttar Pradesh or even Maharashtra have one of the most top-ranked Indian sweets that you should try once in your life. Follow this article to know more. 

Top Indian sweets, you need to try at least once


Well, yes. Your favourite laddoos have made it on the top of the list. So what makes this authentic sweet such a delicacy you might ask? Well, let us tell you. Laddoos have originated from a long time now. It was first created and made as a celebratory sweet to people who did something good in their lives or when the good news came in. You can try out laddoos which are coated in melting Desi ghee. It will pop right inside your mouth and give that awe-inspiring taste that you cannot forget. 


Gulab Jamuns

These can be known as milk powder balls and one of the best delicacies you will ever have in your life. If you have ever been to Kolkata, then you might get the taste of some real desi gulab jamuns that melts right inside your mouth. Gulab jamun is also called as the Indian donut, minus the hole. These are powder based dumplings which are coated in melting sugar. The sugar which is melted, is done at right temperatures so that the dipping can be sweet enough but not too sweet to cause a string in your teeth. 


Kulfi is something that is a raging hot and favourite dish among Indian teenagers. If you ever visit outside school premises, then you will see budding couples holding kulfis in their hands and having a good time. Kulfis are flavoured with a ton of different toppings, and you can even have sprinkles on them. Kulfis are packed with all the flavours you need in them, and there are some pint kulfis too which you can buy from online stores. They are dense, creamy, and everything you want in a sweet, they present the same to you. 


Well, no one can beat this Bengali delicacy from the list. Rasgullas are amazing, and the softer they are, the delicious they can be. They are originally called paneer balls because paneer is grated and the cheese which is left behind is softly moulded into round balls and dipped into hot piping sugar syrup. The main thing about rasgullas is that you can eat it with anything you want. These are soft, and the best option is to dip the soft balls into jaw-dropping ghee. These are some of the best desi ghee sweets that you can try, as ghee is good for your health and won't add much to your weight.


Kaju Barfee

If you have ever had barfees, then you know the authentic taste of real sweets. There are different type of barfis you can try. One is called the coconut barfi, and the other one is called the Kaju barfees These amazing barfees are good for your health since the sugar content in both of them is extensively less. They are soft and juicy because of the 0.2% content of ghee in them. Coconut barfis are created with a variety of ingredients, sometimes some flakes of almonds are even added to it. 


Milk Peda

Have you ever had pedas? If not, then you are surely missing out on something big. Milk pedas or you can say pedas are excellent and the instance you take a bite on them, is when you feel like the whole sweet is melting. They are made with the richness of heavy cream and milk when they are battered and churned together. Then the mixture is set out to rest while it creates a dense matter and then rolled out into shapes of pedas. Sometimes for flavours, some even mix kesar right into the mixture so that it can taste great. They can mostly taste like mewa bites



Last but not least, let us not forget the ever authentic taste of royal India. Phirnis are amazing, and the taste makes it even more awesome. This is a classic dish which is prepared on the evening of Ramadan or Eid. It is prepared as a celebratory dessert for everyone. You need to have rice, flour, milk and pistachios. You can even add the richness of cashew nuts and almonds right into the Phirni to make it look good. These are dense so the more you churn it, the thicker it can get. 

These are some most flavoured Indian sweets which you can try out at least once. They are packed with the richness of sugar, flavour and the essence which can set you off. With Tokenz, you can enjoy different sweets from the corners of India and taste the various flavours at your home with just one click. 


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