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7 Amazing benefits of using Toran at your home door

by Neha Agarwal on July 21, 2021

The entryway of a house is extremely significant in Indian culture and history. It's the contrast between the dirty world outside and the clean inside of your house.

Not only does the entryway to the home draw in energy from the outside, but it also has a number of do and don'ts based on long-standing beliefs. A property facing the South West, for example, is thought to bring in difficulties and disasters. It's also a good idea to have a statue or image of Ganesha at the property's entryway. In addition, the overall number of windows and doors in your home should be equal.

All of these suggestions are based on Vastu, an ancient Hindu architectural theory. Vastu Shastra plays a significant part in our daily lives. Though some individuals have misconceptions about the architecture, this does not diminish its importance in the least. Vastu is more than just a building science; it's a link to the ancient Vedic science of joyful life. Vastu refers to a heavenly entity known as the God of Vastu or Vaastu Purush. It is the science of architecture that promotes design principles about direction-specific research related with the basis of a house/.building/plot/ or other structures, as defined by its nature.

This idea emphasizes the importance of Vastu as a primary contributor to our living environment by guaranteeing happiness, tranquilly, and a continual flow of positive cosmic energy throughout its surroundings, allowing inhabitants to live in joy.

History of the Torans

Toran is derived from the Sanskrit term 'Torana,' which roughly translates to 'pass.' Torans were first employed in Buddhist architecture to describe a sacred doorway. A variety of natural Torans was utilized before the wonderfully designed Torans of today were made. Mango leaves were commonly used in Southern India, while Marigold flowers were woven and hung over the doors of most households in Northern India.

Importance of Torans

One of the essential aspects of Toran's is that they look beautiful, and they are unrivalled as a house decoration. They are traditionally used to attract Lakshmiji, the Indian Goddess of Wealth and Money. Torans are frequently green, as they were formerly fashioned of mango leaves, which were supposed to absorb all of the dirty air while distributing oxygen throughout the dwelling. Green is especially popular because of its soothing properties, which may help to relieve tension and stress in your house.

Benefits of toran for door

Toran refers to the practice of hanging leaves near the house's door.

  • It is regarded as highly fortunate since it is said to ward off evil spirits and negative energies. It is also said that tying the leaves will bring the house owner's wishes to fruition. This is why Ashoka leaves, or mango leaves are used.
  • Gods such as Lakshmi, Gandharva, Govardhan and the God of Fertility are said to live in the mango tree and its leaves. The importance of tying a garland of mango leaves may be traced back to Lord Ganesha and Lord Murugan, two sons of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva who loved mangoes.
  • It is claimed that God Murugan insisted on people tying green mango leaves because it represents a fruitful harvest and overall well-being. Mango leaves have been regarded as fortunate ever since.
  • Fresh green mango leaves were used to make the garland since they can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This contributes to the cleanliness and freshness of the surrounding environment.
  • As the main entrance is considered an abode of upcoming opportunities, toran acts as a symbol of positive vibes to attract it more.
  • It reflects bright colours which aid in giving healing energy to the inhabitants of the home.
  • Torans are believed to be the best method to reduce Vastu dosh.

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The way a house is decorated may reveal a lot about the people who live there. It reflects their attitude and way of life. As a result, whether it's inside or exterior décor, all are equally essential, and you should choose your products carefully. Starting with the entryway, you may now obtain a lovely piece of traditional toran.


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