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Best Christmas Cookies To Buy Online

by Neha Agarwal on December 21, 2020

As Christmas is around, most people plan to celebrate the birth of Jesus with the decoration of their house, Christmas tree followed by preparation of cakes and cookies. 

If culinary historians are to be believed, cookies were not meant to be eaten but to check the temperature of the oven. The cooks would generally take a part of the cake batter and bake it just to gauge whether the oven was ready or not. pizzelles are the oldest cookie which emerged from midsection Italy From India’s nankhatai which is a buttery shortbread cookie with its main taste from ghee,  Canada’s Nanaimo bars with layers of wafer cookies to oreo found in every household, cookies are eaten worldwide now. Aside from plain soft chocolate cookies, Tokenz has come up with 6 lip-smacking cookies online that you must try in Christmas 2020 along with your loved ones.


Multigrain Cookies

Multigrain cookies give a powerful dose in the form of dietary fibre which helps in keeping you energetic for the whole day, helps in supporting good digestion and reduces chronic inflammation. We have a “fantastic four” set in which you can get ajwain salt, choco-chip, pista cookies along with multigrain cookies all in one at the best price.



Premium Coffee Biscotti

Coffee lovers don’t you worry we have something for you as well, Biscotti are Italian twice-baked cookies also known as Cantuccini, now you can savour the taste of it made in a combination of coffee along with chocolate, nuts and spices which are divine in taste with less fat and sugar as compared to most cookies making it a better option.

Crunchy Gems Biscotti

Children are given special importance on Christmas as they are believed to get gifts from Santa Claus or family members, cookies and chocolates are among the favourite food items of everyone especially children, what if we told you now you can enjoy the best of both worlds in a cookie. Yes, you heard that right, gems in cookies that are as tasty as it can get, bring a smile on your child’s face with the treat of delicious gems biscotti ( with vanilla topping and gems making the cookies more crunchy).


White Choco Cashew Nutty Cookies

Another healthy alternative of cookies with 40-50% nuts and cashews as the main ingredient, it is packed with plant protein, fibre and no added maida with taste so perfect that it will alleviate your mood and support in maintaining brain health, energy throughout the day and immunity.

Cranberry Biscotti

With the benefits of protection against liver disease, controlled blood pressure, improved eyesight and cardiovascular health in a cookie, cranberry cookies with nuts are divine in taste, along with the box of tasty cranberry cookies, added goodies can make a great hamper option as well.


Heavenly Tasting Afghani Biscotti

An afghani biscotti is a traditionality of New Zealand which is made from flour, cornflakes, cocoa powder along with chocolate icing on it and half walnut. Afghan biscotti has low sugar and no rising agent in it (beneficial for everyone especially for the people who are on a diet as low sugar items help in weight loss, healthy skin, preventing any heart disease or diabetes) and tingles your tastebuds with its heavenly taste.


Snickerdoodles which are drop cookies and coated with sugar and cinnamon, oatmeal raisin cookies with its dough of oatmeal and brown sugar and raisins, shortbread cookies with low quantities of sugar and flour and high butter content, spritz cookies which are served on Christmas especially is a traditional German cookie, snowball cookies filled by pecans are balls of buttery shortbread, thumbprint cookie in which by pressing the thumb a hole is made in between the cookie and it is filled with jam or anything of your choice(customizable), wafers having several variations like benne wafers, Swedish wafers etc are among the other most popular cookies in the world

With a global pandemic surrounding us, we often think of the things or celebrations we have missed or how many festivals or events we have to miss but not anymore, buy Christmas cookies online with a wide range and you don’t just get cookies and biscotti online but handmade chocolate which is rich in antioxidants, helps in maintaining blood pressure, cholesterol neurovascular coupling etc, delicious brownie and dry cakes from Garden bakery all at one place with a combination of biscotti and choco-chip cake which melts in your mouth etc also available that can be turned into hampers like brownie boxes with added goodies and can be gifted to your loved ones,   now at the best price and at your doorstep in no time, Happiness is just one click away from home & living, paintings, shopping for any occasion to food and essentials we’ve got it all covered.


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