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5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas 2020 During Covid

by Neha Agarwal on December 14, 2020

It took a global pandemic for us to realize the importance of even the smallest things that we did not appreciate all this while, be it the importance of people in our lives, the importance of having peace, or the importance of being comfortable with ourselves but one thing that it gave us is the attitude of gratitude, more time with our families, time to pause from the rushing speed of life. Festivals are seen as a major occasion of celebrating togetherness but because of Covid, 19 people could not enjoy any of it.

The upcoming festival of Christmas ( celebrating the birth of Lord Jesus- considered as the son of God) is one of the most celebrated festivals in the world and we at Tokenz believe in spreading happiness irrespective of how the situation is. We have got some amazing ideas for you to celebrate Christmas in lockdown or to celebrate Christmas in covid.


1. Adorn Your Home

“Christmas tells us that endings can be beautiful too. May each chapter of yours turn out to be as beautiful”

The way a house looks, plays a major part in deciding the vibe of the place. If a place is well decorated it will emit positive vibes, less anxiety or stress about anything. Most of us have been at our homes for a majority of this year, it was our safe abode, and still is the environment we are in 24* 7. Along with the celebration of the birth of Lord Jesus make sure you celebrate life too, make your surroundings beautiful. Decorate your house with the best Christmas Decor. We have some amazing frame options that will add value and project your homes as more peaceful


2. Give Gifts To Your Loved Ones

Exchanging gifts has been the basic tradition of the Christmas Festival. These small gestures matter a lot in any relationship and make sure you gift something valuable to a person. For  Christmas hamper ideas you can check out some of the best Christmas hampers 2020, celebrating Christmas without a Christmas cake is incomplete (it started as an English tradition as plum porridge). Make sure you have the best mouth-watering plum cakes (including almond walnut plum cake, cashew cherry plum cake, and so on).

3. Have a COVID Safe Christmas Party

The basic rule for staying safe in times of Covid is to maintain social distancing and wear masks, both can comply if you plan to organize a Christmas party in an open space and sanitize the place well. Get every guest tested beforehand if you want to take extra precautions. When the virus came we were unaware of what it could be, how to tackle it, and whatnot, but now, as we are well aware we can start going out or resume our work but with all the precautions and avoiding places having a high number of cases.

4. Drive-In Movie Night

As most of the places are open now, drive-in movie places make one the best way of celebrating Christmas in covid as you will be at the comfort of your own car and can have a highly customizable experience as you can have your own choice of food, environment or people with you and the risk of getting infected will be negligible as well. 

5. Spread Smiles

“The real miracle didn’t happen when Jesus was born, it was when people started taking his teachings forward, let’s do the same”

Middle-Class people have been hit hard due to the covid situation as salaries were cut up to 60% but what about poor people who were not able to earn even a single penny this year. The best way you can celebrate Christmas in Covid is by feeding the poor by organizing a religious feast or distributing food to the poor. The best way to celebrate Jesus or his teachings is by giving, being the reason someone smiles, someone eats, someone has hope. 

Christmas in pandemic is the most different way and with more gratitude of just being alive, happy with what we have, to have our loved ones with us and to spend the most amount of time with them. 

No matter how the situation was for the whole year, what matters is you are still standing strong, strong enough to come this far and it is commendable. So cheer up and don’t forget to smile :)


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