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5 Rakhi Ideas for Kids

by Manan Sharma on August 01, 2020

Rakshabandhan is a festival of joy, love and bond for everyone. Especially little kids are more curious and excited for this day so it is your duty as a big sister to make it more special by tying them a perfect rakhi this Raksha Bandhan but finding a perfect rakhi for a little brother is not an easy task. Kids are full of joy, imagination and creativity. They get bored easily. A decorative and designer rakhi might be a good idea for grown-up brothers but they are not a cup of tea for little brothers as these rakhis are kinda lame to them. Kids are highly imaginative and creative creatures. For kids, rakhi should be fun, entertaining, inspiring and like something that encourages their creativity.

Kids can be endlessly entertained by cartoon characters and why not? Cartoon characters have become an integral part of their life. They learn, laugh and are influenced by them a lot. We all grew up watching cartoon shows. Cartoon characters were like a perfect idol for us. So we know how important cartoon characters are for kids. From Doraemon to noddy, kids love them all. Cartoon characters painted in beautiful bright colours are the first source of imagination, inspiration and creativity for kids. So Cartoon character rakhis can be a great rakhi idea for them which they love to flaunt proudly everywhere and would wear it all day long. So how about shopping for the best cartoon characters rakhi to embellish the adorable wrist of your little brothers. Choose from the best collection of cartoon character rakhi for kids to make them happier. Here are 5 best cartoon characters rakhi ideas for your little brother. Just scroll down to find them all.


1. Lovely 'Doraemon' Rakhi

The most popular cartoon character Doraemon is loved by every kid. This Japanese anime character has made a special place in every kid's heart due to its intelligence, friendly and protective nature. Every kid wishes to have someone like Doraemon in their life who can help them in difficult times. So with a Doraemon rakhi,  you can convey a message to your little brother that you will be forever with him in all his difficult times. It is a very great idea to tie a  cute Doraemon rakhi around the little wrist of your brother. Your brother would love this little Doraemon on their wrists and may also flaunt it proudly among friends and loved ones. You can find plenty of adorable Doraemon rakhi for kids online. So go for it without thinking twice because kids love Doraemon.


2. Joyful 'Peppa Pig' Rakhi

Peppa pig is a cute British cartoon character that is enjoyed a lot by toddlers and little kids. She is energetic, playful, curious and adventurous. That's why she is idolized and loved by many kids. Her cute pink colour and little snout are adored by every kid. If your little brother is Peppa pig's fan then this Raksha Bandhan, Peppa pig rakhi is something that you should buy for your little brother. We are sure that your little brother will be amazed to see the Peppa pig rakhi on his little wrist and would love to show it off his friends and dear ones.


3. Adorable 'Mickey mouse' Rakhi

Who doesn't love Mickey Mouse? no one. From kids to adults, everyone loves mickey mouse and his adventures. The little ones in almost every house get excited when they see Mickey mouse on the Television. This Disney character has been in our hearts for ages. The timeless character has been an idol for kids from a very long time. Even modern kids love this character a lot. So it is a great idea to surprise your little brother with a Mickey mouse rakhi this Raksha Bandhan. Just go for this special rakhi without a doubt and make their day happier.


4. Cute 'Noddy' Rakhi

Noddy is one of the most popular cartoon characters in Europe as well as India. Kids love him a lot. His helping nature, friendly behaviour and problem-solving traits are something that inspired many kids since ages. If you are planning to buy a cartoon character rakhi for your little brother, you should go for a noddy rakhi as this rakhi would silently give your little brother a message to be a good person just like a noddy. So adorn your brother's wrist with a cute noddy rakhi this Raksha Bandhan.


5. Kids favourite- 'Cars' (Lightning Mcqueen) Rakhi

Walt Disney's character, lightning Mcqueen, an animated bright red coloured car with beautiful eyes and charming smile from the popular movie called 'cars' is the all-time favourite character for kids. Your little brother would love it if you tie this beautiful car rakhi on his adorable little wrist. So this Raksha Bandhan, add a dash of speed and bring the world of cars to your little brother through your rakhi and give wings to his imagination and creativity. He will surely adore it a lot.


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