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5 movies to Watch with Siblings This Rakshabandhan [Rakhi 2020]

by Manan Sharma on August 16, 2020

Rakshabandhan is a great way to celebrate your special bond of love with your siblings. The relationship of brothers and sisters is a great combination sweet and sour just like cartoon characters Tom and Jerry but during this time of the pandemic, it is a great idea to add a little bit of more sweetness to your relationship with your siblings. Don't miss the opportunity to make relationships with your siblings stronger and sweeter this Raksha Bandhan. Watching a movie together with family members and siblings can be a different kind of fun and celebration this rakhi 2020. Especially amid this pandemic, it is a great idea to spend a memorable time with your most beloved siblings.

Gone are the days when siblings used to fight over the TV remote and chase each other to get the remote. Today everyone has their phones. People can watch movies in just one click on Mobile phones. The culture of watching movies together with family has almost disappeared. In addition to that, this pandemic has also closed the doors to cinema halls. But worry not! There's still hope. Everything has negative and positive impacts. COVID 19 might have closed our ways to cinemas but has also given us a beautiful opportunity to gather together in our house and spend some quality time by watching a movie together. So this rakhi, it is a great idea to celebrate this beautiful festival by watching a movie together with your sibling to bring your relationship to the next level by making it more sweet and strong. Scroll down to find some meaningful, beautiful and entertaining movies of Bollywood and Hollywood that you can watch with your siblings in rakhi 2020.


1. Frozen (2013)

Frozen is a beautiful story of two sisters Elsa and Anna, both of them give sacrifices for each on their parts. The story of this movie is emotionally arresting as it depicts the relationship between siblings, their sacrifices, and love for each other. This movie can be a perfect movie for siblings to watch together and to understand the real meaning of siblings love, sacrifice, happiness and bravery which is very well depicted in the movie. So this rakhi, make sure you watch this movie with your siblings and bring your relationship with them closer and sweeter. You can also watch the sequel of this movie which is 'Frozen 2' (2019) if you have already watched  'Frozen' (2013).


2. Sarbjit (2016)

Sarbjit is based on a true story. It is a must-watch movie for every sibling as this story beautifully depicts the unconditional love of the sister towards their brother. The story of this movie revolves around the brother Sarbjit and sister Dalbir, and their immense pain and struggle. Dalbir was jailed in Pakistan as he accidentally crossed the Indo-Pak border and was mistaken as an Indian spy. His sister's struggle to bring him back to home is unbelievable and heart touching. This story beautifully depicts the relationship between brothers and sisters and also depicts how far a sister can go for her brother. So this rakhi, watch this movie to bring your relationship with your siblings closer.


3. Spykids (2001)

Spy Kids is an excellent comedy, adventurous and entertaining movie that can be watched with little siblings. Spy kids revolve around the two spies who were once an enemy but later fall in love with each other and get married and have two kids named Carmen (elder sister) and Juni (younger brother). The couple was retired from the spy business but their enemy named Minion kidnapped them. Then the kids took the responsibility to rescue and bring their parents back home. The adventures and Robo kids are the amazing parts of this movie. This movie can be watched with your little siblings and you can also rewatch this movie with your older siblings to celebrate the old memories together on this Raksha Bandhan. The movie has three sequels: The Island of Lost Dreams in 2002, Game Over in 2003, and All the Time in the World in 2011. An animated reboot series, Spy Kids: Mission Critical, premiered in 2018.


4. Song of the Sea (2014)

This is another beautiful animated fantasy movie depicting the relationship of brother and sister. In this movie, a 10- year-old  Irish boy Ben discovers that his mute sister, Saorice, is a mythological creature that can get her voice back and save other supernatural creatures from a spell of a Celtic goddess. This movie elegantly unfolds the adventures of the siblings underwater and on land. The award-winning film is a must-watch movie with your little siblings on rakhi.


5. Children of Heaven (1997)

Children of Heaven is a story of a boy named Ali and his hard work and struggles to get a new pair of shoes for his little sister named Zehra. This story beautifully depicts the struggles of poor families and children. Ali participated in a school race competition just because its second prize was a pair of sneakers which he wanted for her little sister. Ending of this movie is surprising and beautiful. The movie beautifully framed the feelings of love, protection and sacrifice of a brother for his sister. The movie has been remade in Hindi titled Bumm Bumm Bole (2010) starring Darsheel Safary and Ziyah Vaswani. This movie is beautiful and perfect to watch with siblings on rakhi.


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